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This is a short and simple video that offers suggestions on how you can start to transition your diet from cooked foods to raw foods. Discover how you can change your life and level of health by consuming a 100% RAW FOOD DIET. 80 10 10 DIET CARBOHYDRATE DIET DETOX DIET DIABETES DIET…
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  1. 604josh on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 6:19 am 

    @rednogo Watermelon is basically water. It doesn’t take long to digest or absorb. This kind of diet just doesn’t cut it for a person like me. I’d maintain no muscle mass on a cut, and build? no muscle mass during a bulk. Keeping in mind I’m not really a bodybuilder, but just do heavy compound exercise routines as a hobby. Everything is fine and dandy if you’re a cardiovascular based athlete I suppose.

  2. rednogo on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 6:36 am 

    @604josh Try eating watermelon. Watermelon is a calorie negative food, it makes you feel fuller for longer and the body uses more calories trying to digest the watermelon than the amount of calories the watermelon has.
    Bananas are HUGE in calories. I banana is worth 40 calories. If you’re still hungry after a meal of fruit, you didn’t eat enough fruit. The great thing about? eating raw is you get to eat as much as you want!

  3. HighLIfeMONROE on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 7:16 am 

    Living in a? world without cheese,now that’s going to be difficult for me. But I’m determined and focus to be 99% raw yes 99% 1% for condoms.

  4. 604josh on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 7:45 am 

    I’m going to use some of your tips, but some are just ridiculous. I’m fairly big (195 14%BF), and fruit is not a enough? calories. Eating a meal full of sugar is digested so quickly that I am hungry literally 30-45 min later.

  5. shemolm on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 8:06 am 

    Hi! Have you considered -? fast abs magic (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got beautiful Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it.

  6. AppleSouffle on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 8:07 am 

    Cooking food gives you a head start on digestion so you get more energy from cooked food than raw food. Check out Doctor Alice Roberts in Origins of Us: Guts.

    To survive on raw carrots, it would take 8 hours of? eating! She said, “That is the end of my last raw carrot and I’m really glad because it’s taken me hours to eat them!”

    For every 100 calories of raw food you eat, you use up to 25 calories chewing and digesting it.

    With some foods, you get up to 35% more energy by cooking it.

  7. SurvivalistWannabe on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 8:38 am 

    Do what this video says and watch how everyone else gets diseases and gets old? at age 50 and all the while you feel like your 20 until your 120.

  8. per1se on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 9:19 am 

    @eugkra34 Of course not! This is the first and only time I see such a thing suggested. Usually to get to raw vegan, you start out as vegan, and to get? to vegan, you start out as vegetarian. So fish has looong been crossed out. Plus, it’s not even raw!

  9. per1se on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 9:51 am 

    @BrittniGrace Personally, I’ve found that after? frozen fruit I feel like I haven’t eaten anything at all. So I wouldn’t recommend.

  10. BrittniGrace on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 10:25 am 

    Will it work the? same to use frozen fruit ?

  11. USA4thewin on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 10:33 am 

    @eugkra34 didnt you know Fish can be eaten? by Vegans, Frutarians and Herbavoirs

  12. USA4thewin on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 10:51 am 

    Anyone wanna go to Texas? Steak House ?

  13. sbb1Handmade on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 10:54 am 

    I love this video, thank you.?

  14. eugkra34 on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 11:37 am 

    wait… what?? i can have cooked fish!

  15. TangerineGroovin on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 12:37 pm 

    liferegenerator Dan McDonald Raw? Kitchen ESSENTIALS – full? dvd my channel

  16. TheEhs1964 on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 12:57 pm 

    This video is very interesting an? i appreciate you sharing it.Healths important.

  17. maqsad1 on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 1:25 pm 

    @ITZM3BYTCH09 It’s raw, not necessarily fresh.? It can be smoked or salted and never cooked.

  18. Citisandi on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 1:41 pm 


  19. jaayjaayy on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 1:47 pm 

    the narrator sounds like an annoying fat dike!?

  20. LovingLearningLiving on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 2:21 pm 

    @ITZM3BYTCH09 Did you notice the word transition in there?
    This is a transition diet for it seems a meat? eater to a raw diet.

  21. notinsomniac on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 2:32 pm 

    quick question :? can we change the lemon for lime?

  22. LesliMademoiselle on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 3:31 pm 

    THIS WAS SO SIMPLE AND BASIC and easy to understand this is an awesome way of teaching and telling us how to d this, I have made a new start and new journey as of 2 weeks ago at the age? of almost 51 I cannot began to tell you how much better I feel and Ive just started!! TY so much for this video I watched it and its almost exactly what i been doing these first 2 weeks. You explain it beautifully. AMEN and bless you.

  23. aattitude on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 4:14 pm 

    As I get older and more mature, I find myself wondering how on earth that I, when I was a teenage, was fooled into believe this crap.
    Eating lots of veggies, fruits, is fine, but have some eggs, fish, and poultry in your diet. It will only make you healthier and it will show in your body. Most raw vegan gurus either look anorexic or “suspiciously” out of shape? within a few years.

  24. DianeFuentes on Tue, 28th Feb 2012 4:21 pm 

    If you’re making a transition to raw food…get to know what raw food diet? is all about.

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